The Tuesday Night Ride for more than three decades has been one of the few disciplined & well choreographed training rides for Mid-Michigan racing cyclist. The ride emphasizes high average speeds and race finishing skills.

When and Where: 6:00 PM, College Rd. & Cedar Rd.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 26

Short and sweet this morning:

The medal tally for the year has been updated.  Nice job by all podium finishers.

The race this past week went well, our official photographer, Jackie Neagos will be wrapping up her photo shoot recap, then we will post the results.

The TNR ride this week had 26 riders, the weather was fantastic,, blue skies, 80 degrees.  If you were not on a bike this evening, you missed out.

Banky took a neutral sprint!

Finally, beginning this Thursday, June 28 we will begin weekly crit training.  This training is meshing with the standing Thursday night ride.  The ride will leave the Hannah Center at 6pm to head to the training grounds.  July has many crits, take advantage of this training to impove your skills.

Did I mention that Banky took a neutral sprint last night?


Thursday, June 14, 2012


My apologies for being MIA for two missing blogs.  I attribute this to time constraints and writers block.  To remedy the matter, I no longer keep track of time and I pulled out some Edgar Allen Poe writings for inspiration:  Lots has happened.  Two TNR nights have come and gone.  I will summarize them in one line.  Fast and furious.  In addition we have been loose on keeping score tally's, which is no big deal as we are accomplishing what we want on the ride.  Two teams are still working hard to hone strategy and tactics and things are meshing fairly well.  We have juggled the lineups and put some parameters on how much one rider can score in one night.  This has opened up sprints to other individuals and it has worked well.

We have to talk about Potter road.  For those of you that do not know it by name, it is the road through the trees leading to the 5th sprint.  Bottom line is the road is crumbling from the edges in.  Those of you that were there Tuesday night know what I mean.  The one section in particular has crumbled halfway across the right lane leaving about 3 and half feet of pavement on our side of the yellow line.  In its place now is a 4 to 5 inch deep gaping hole that devours wheels and bikes.  Until fixed it will only get worse.  There are other areas on the road that present some great hazards also, especially at high speeds.

 There has been some brief talk about finding alternate route around that road.  Maybe continue on up Williamston to Dexter Trail.  Further discussions will happen on this before a decision is made.  In the interim, I propose/suggest this for the next ride:  The 5th sprint and the leadup to it become a neutral zone for this next week.  First of all we need to ride that road slow to see if the bike eating hole is even fixed.  Second, if you have not been on that  section by yourself and your only exposure to that road is in a pack on Tuesday night, then you really don't realize where and how bad that right edge is.  By running that section in a neutral, reasonable pace this upcoming Tuesday it will give all riders the ability to see where not to be on that road at a high rate of speed.  Then after this Tuesday we can discuss further on what to do for the remainder of the rides.   Anyways, that is my suggestion for this upcoming week.

As for the CFT Team.  West Branch and Mt. P.  By now I am sure you have seen the results.  Pretty darn good stuff.  This weekend brings on two more points races.  Good luck to all

Finally, our race is now 10 days away.  Thanks to all that have volunteered and for registering early.

That is all for now.  later.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Alex and Paul's Most Excellent Adventure


This past weekend marked the famous Snake Alley Criterium in Burlington Iowa, which happens every year memorial day weekend. Along with "the snake" there are also 2 more crits which follow up on Sunday and Monday. Paul Gregory who is living in St. Louis for the summer decided to to take the short drive up and meet me for a weekend of racing.

The snake lived up to its infamy without a doubt. It was 95 degrees and our race didnt start till 1pm so keeping cool was a snuggle in itself. Those of you who dont know the snake, its a 5 switch back one block climb that averages 12.5 percent with kicks of about 17-18% and a one block lead in that averages about 7% so its no easy roll in.
and it looks something like the pictures attached. The race was awesome and it was an all out sprint to the first climb I was able to wiggle a bad start spot into top 15 at the top of the first climb. I was able to say about 15th for the first 4 laps of 12 but the heat really got to me, and Paul. We both blew up to the point where pedaling in the little ring was a chore. Paul ended up passing me way late in the race but I was far to tired to grab his wheel. He ended up 22nd and I was 26th of about 55. Not a great result but an awesome race and would love to do better there in the future.

The 34th annual Melon City Crit was an interesting course of a 1 mile oval with one 90 degree corner and a long grinding climb at the bottom of the decent there was a speed bump that every lap you hit at 30+ mph which was very interesting. The race started fast, and on lap 2 of 14 a crash happened in the only corner and it split the field. I was right behind the crash but able to sneak threw and stay with the group, Paul was not so lucky. But like a MAN he crashed back on solo in one lap and was able to sit in the lead group of ~20. With about
11 to go the first big attack came and a rider went solo for about 6 laps, him being solo it was no huge threat. In this time paul snagged a field prime and I could tell he was feeling good up the hill. I however was not. On the bell lap a good attack came from a michigan guy and with Paul on my wheel I went to the front to try to bring it back. I went to the last climb with an all or nothing mentality, I hammered as hard as I could to string out the field and took Paul up to about 500m to go. He was not able to catch to solo move but ended up 5th and I was 20th of 55. Not the best tactics on earth on my part but Im glad we got a top five. We dealt with the 95 degree heat much better this day.

Was the Quad Cities crit to cap the weekend. A flat 14 lap 8 corner crit in downtown Rock Island, IL. The race started off very fast and very windy and stayed that way, i had to work hard to move to the front but once I was there it was pretty easy to stay around the top 10. There were not many attacks being that we were holding about 28-30mph the whole time. On the bell lap no one really took control of the race which scared me, and I was right. I was able to stay toward the front and was sixth 7th wheel going into the last corner.
The last corner also had a huge crash which I was in-front of but it still cause the person ahead of me to react to the outside and I was literally inches away from nailing the barrier. When I gained control of my bike I looked back and there was no one in site that was still upright. I was happy to roll in for 7th still on two wheels. Paul was not involved in the crash but was unfortunately popped with about
3 to go in a big acceleration.

Overall, a great weekend of some fast racing with some very good fields from all over the midwest.

Hill Climb Thursday

Hill Climb Thursday
Hill Climb Thursday - click on image for Garmin File It's here! We started 9/2, ouch.

sprint Competition Sponsored By the Capital Area Bike Association

sprint Competition Sponsored By the Capital Area Bike Association

Thursday Night Time Trial Series Results

Thursday Night Time Trial Series Results
Thursday Night Time Trial Series Results