The Tuesday Night Ride for more than three decades has been one of the few disciplined & well choreographed training rides for Mid-Michigan racing cyclist. The ride emphasizes high average speeds and race finishing skills.

When and Where: 6:00 PM, College Rd. & Cedar Rd.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012


This weekly blog entry will begin with a link to some AC-DC music.  There is no logical reason for adding this link, other than every good biker blog should have some AC-DC music now and then.

Milford crit:
This upcoming Sunday is a big day for Michigan cycling.  State individual crit champions will be crowned in Milford.  CFT will be represented by some worthy contenders in numerous categories.  If you are not racing, try to make it and enjoy the festivities and cheer on your team mates.  If your racing, good luck!!

I was not able to make this past Tuesday ride and reports coming back from the field were a little scarce.  This much I know.  The weather was great, and there was approximately 20 riders.  The ride was very fast.  I know this to be true because Mark Warner said so, and Mark Warner is known to be an honorable man.  Also, when the ride was not fast, it got faster, with black and white jerseys sprinting for an imaginary line.  Then they slowed, looked around, smiled, saw that it was good and did it 5 more times.
Not to be lost in all of this was a marvelous milestone for TNR.  Kari Sederburg, who has been racing with the cat 4 women this year, attended the Tuesday ride.  Other than Leslie, Kari represents the first female to attend this ride in many years.  Kari we are glad you are on board.  According to Mark Warner you were right in the mix, and as mentioned above, Mark is an honorable guy.
Until next week;  later.
one more time

Friday, July 20, 2012

Flint and Ability Tour

Weekend events:

Saturday is the Ability Tour in Lansing.  Great event, and a great cause.  Wade and others leading a group from the Hannah Center at 7am to ride to the route, then back.  It will be a good 70 mile training ride.  Remember to bring your check book or cash to register once you get to the ride.

Sunday, the Flint crit on the bricks.  Good luck to those racing.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 17, past weekend results

This past weekend continued on with more of the same, some fine results from the CFT gentleman, and lady.  Here are the highlights.

BTR crit

John Gracely  2nd in the cat 3's
Justin Drobish 5th in the 5's
Zach 11th in the 35M.
Brad 3rd cat 4
Alex 5th Cat 4

Race for Wishes RR

Kari Sederburg 2nd in the women cat 4
AJ 1st in the cat 5
Justin 2nd in the cat 5
Jay 3rd cat 4
Alex 4 cat 4
Zach 3rd 35M

see you tonight at 6

Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 12, tnr ride/weekend results/season update

3 matters to cover in this weeks post.  (1) summary of this weeks ride; (2) past weekend racing results; (3) CFT season update.

1.  the past weeks blistering heat melted away to a very pleasant 85 degrees for this  Tuesday ride.  20 riders made their way to the infamous Spartan Speedway (race home of the champions according to the sign).  We implemented a new scoring system this week.  The point totals will be set at 1 through 6, in conjunction with the sprint number.  In addition, we will have triple points for a breakaway win.  There is no firm rule on what the definition of "breakaway" is.  However, to determine whether a breakaway has merit for triple points we will follow the logic of Justice Potter Stewart, "I will know it when i see it".

All this being said regarding the new point scoring.  I/we/they/all of us did a poor job of tracking who did what this past week.  I know for sure that several EOTS took sprints, and there are others out there I am sure that have more results.  Bottom line, the results did not get memorialized for the TNR history books.  THIS UPCOMING WEEK I WILL BRING THE RECORDING DEVICE TO GET ACCURATE INFO.  As for the rest of the ride.  Awesome, clean and fast.  No mechanical issues, fast pace and fun sprints.

2.  This past weekends racing results at the Terry Reisch road race.  CFT had 3 podium spots.  In the cat 4, Craig and Brad occupied the 2nd and 3rd tier, and in the Masters 45/55, Mark Warner took the highest honor.  Well done men!!

3.  I wanted do a quick summary of our racing season to date for the CFT riders.  I think it was February that we had our meeting at MSU.  At that meeting we outlined some goals for the season.  To an outsider, they may have seemed somewhat lofty for a newly established team.  And maybe they were.  Time will tell.  Below are the highlighted goals we had set, and how we have progressed toward that particular goal.

a.  Our first goal was to have fun.  I feel confident in saying that has been accomplished

b.  2nd goal, win team points competition in 4's and 35masters.  Current points standings in the 4's has CFT in first place by 109 points.  Current point standings for 35m has CFT in first by 16.5 points.

c.  3rd goal, win individual point series:  Current 4 point totals has CFT running one and two with Craig and Brad.  Current 35m has Cary  in first by 13 points.

d.  4th goal, bring an individual state championship back to Lansing.  Those two races are on the horizon.  They will require maximum teamwork to accomplish the goal.

There is much racing left to do, but the team and its members have put themselves in excellent position to accomplish the goals set forth at the beginning of the year.



that is all for this week.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Africa Hot!

July 3, 2012, 12 hardy TNR'ers braved the 100 degree weather and 15mph westerly Martian winds.  I actually found myself doing a mental questionnaire.  What is more uncomfortable, today, or early in the year when 12 of us showed up in 36 degree weather and 15mph westerlies?  I had not come to a conclusion before my mind turned to mush. 

We were joined for the festivities by Fast Freddie and Leslie.  It was good to see them slug through the evening with us. 

We did a slow roll down Ewers and Potter road to view the work that has been completed.  It appears the repairs began on the North end of Potter and are working their way South.  North end of Potter is 100% better and there are markings for repairs all the way back to the Ewers entrance.  We will continue to monitor the progress.

Hope all had a good 4th, and good luck racing this weekend.

Hill Climb Thursday

Hill Climb Thursday
Hill Climb Thursday - click on image for Garmin File It's here! We started 9/2, ouch.

sprint Competition Sponsored By the Capital Area Bike Association

sprint Competition Sponsored By the Capital Area Bike Association

Thursday Night Time Trial Series Results

Thursday Night Time Trial Series Results
Thursday Night Time Trial Series Results