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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cyclocross Thursday/Red Cedar Soap Box

Cyclocross at Red Cedar

We kicked off our Thursday night informal cyclocross training races this past week and based on the feedback, it was a great success.  12 riders participated and we even had some spectators.  Wade set a torrid pace for 45 minutes and made sure everyone knew the course.  When we finished, it was cold beverages and chatter about going faster next time.

We will do it again the Thursday after Labor Day.  Stay tuned.


Stand back as I am getting on my soap box.
 Hopefully more will join.  For those of you not in Lansing proper, let me bring you up to speed on some things.  I think all of you are now familiar with the former Red Cedar golf course owned by the city of Lansing.  It is the site of the Stomach of Anger races.  The site consists of approximately 65 acres of pristine green space in the middle of urbania.  ONCE GREEN SPACE IS GONE, ITS GONE FOREVER, (except in Detroit, but that is for another blog).  This year the voters of Lansing approved the sale of the front 12 acres of the parcel for development.  The proceeds of the sale was to be used for creating a public park on remainder and to once and for all remedy the drainage issues coming from the Frandor mall across Michigan Avenue.  I for one voted for this, because it makes sense and was a win win for development and preservation of green space.  Now things are changing, new development plans are appearing and a vote being contemplated to sell the remainder.  End result being, the green space is vastly being reduced, and GONE forever.
Now is the time for those that believe in green space and an active life style to get involved and get our stake in the matter heard.  This includes the bike community, the running community and the conservation community.  Many on this blog have friends in city and state government.  We need to form a coalition that brings together all the bike facets (the League, TCBA and other bike organizations), the running community and politicians that are friendly to our cause (Jessica Yorko comes to mind).
That remaining 40 some acres has so much potential for active, everyday uses, as well as bringing in national events.   A permanent cyclocross track could be created, a permanent cross country course for the local high schools, etc etc.  Google Valmont Bike Park in Boulder and see what some of the potential could be.  Local politicians want Lansing to become a "world class" city.  All world class cities have tremendous green space in the heart of the city.  Green space that allows the everyday city dwellers to enjoy everyday outdoor activities as well as attracting events that bring people from all over the world to that city.  REMEMBER ONCE THE GREEN SPACE IS GONE, IT IS LOST FOREVER.    If you have an interest in assisting with building a coalition, contact me and lets get this ball rolling. 
Ok, i am now off my soapbox.  have a good day

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